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Monthly Rentals Share House ₩550,000 - ₩600,000

[Monthly]Single Private Room w/ Utility room near Hongik University

대한민국 서울특별시 마포구 창전동 6-82

Spacious Private Room available in a 3-BR Share house!
Located right next to Hongik University!
Perfect location for students of Hongik, Ewha, Yonsei, Sogang, university!

Shared Facilities:
-Living room
-Fully equipped Kitchen
-Hot and Cold Shower

-3min. walk away to Hongik university
-10mins walk away to Hongdae station(홍대입구역) Line2
-11mins walk away to Sangsu station(상수역) Line6
-5mins walk away to Bus stop
-6mins walk away to Wow park(와우공원)
-35mins walk away to Sogang univerity
-40mins walk away to Yonsei univerity



  • Reservation Fee(Deposit)

    Please inquire us first before reservation

    ₩ 600,000


Things to know

  • Maintenance Fee(Gas, water, electric, internet):50,000KRW / Month
  • Deposit: 600,000KRW
  • Minumum Length of Stay: 3months

Refund Policy

  1. 첫 계약은 최소 3개월입니다. 계약 만기 전 중도 퇴실 시 보증금 전액 차감 됩니다.
  2. 전체 계약기간 만료 전에 퇴실 혹은 연장 시 1개월 전에 공지하여야 합니다.
  3. 월 임대료 2주 연체 시 보증금에서 공제 후 강제 퇴실 조치됩니다. 남은 보증금도 반환 이 어렵습니다.
  1. The minimum length of stay for your first contract is 3months. Breach of contract = Deposit cannot be returned.
  2. If you are moving out before your contracted date, you MUST give us its notice at least 1month before your move out date. Otherwise, 1month rent will be charged.
  3. If the rent gets 2 weeks overdue, you will be asked to move out, and the deposit cannot be returned.

Only guests who have booked can leave a review.

Added By Dongwon Kang


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