Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside

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Before we knew it, the best season to go camping has come again. From Spring to Autumn, many camping-holics are busy to pack their bag for special night in the open air. We’ll show you some recommendable places for camping. You can experience exciting day outside in Seoul and other provinces in Korea.

Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside





  1. Nanji Camping Site

Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside

It is located in the Nanji Hangang River Park, near the Sangam World Cup Park. So it makes harmony with beautiful river view and state-of-the-art facilities. The campsite is complete with all the items and facilities needed for camping, such as 24-hour-shower rooms, tents, and BBQ grills. This camping site is open to everyone.


– Website : http://www.nanjicamp.com/



  1. Jungrang Camping Forest

Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside

It’s a campsite for family, so it’s not possible if you’re alone or your group is too large This forest keep its environment as close to natural as possible. It would be a good chance to have a special lecture about nature with your kids.


– Website : http://parks.seoul.go.kr/template/default.jsp?park_id=JungnangCampGround



  1. Noeul Camping Site

Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside

Noeul Park is very famous for sunset landscape, it’s the best place to see the beautiful sunset. Actually, it’s very close to Nanji Hangang River Park, but it boasts different features from the Nanji Park. Also, you can ride a tiny and cute electric train in this camping site.


– Website :http://worldcuppark.seoul.go.kr/guide/camp5_1.html





  1. Jarasum Camp Ground

Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside

It’s located near the Bukhangang river, and it boasts the best and the largest camping facilities in Gyeonggi-do area. It’s famous for the location for the 2008 Gapyeong International Camping & Caravaning Contest. Reservation for use should be required in advance, and it’s only possible through its website.


– Website : http://www.jarasumworld.net/



  1. Donggang River Auto-Camping Site

Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside

Actually, its facilities are not good as the other camping sites, but you may expect lots of exciting water sports in this camping site, because it’s located near the Donggang River. Also, you can see the shining stars during the night more clearly than in Seoul.


– Website : http://www.ywcamping.com/



  1. Pocheon Auto Park Korea

Go Camping! : It’s Time to Go Outside

If you want more calm and peaceful place, Pocheon Auto Park is the best place. Near the camping site, there is a cozy valley and pine tree forest, so you can keep your distance from Seoul city. Especially, it is optimized for Glamping, the luxury type of camping.


– Website : http://www.autoparkkorea.com/





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