Korean Traditional Market : Gwangjang Market in Seoul

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Korean Traditional Market : Gwangjang Market in Seoul





This is a very traditional market in Seoul, that exists since 1905. Besides the good local food, that you can get in snack stalls or restaurants inside the market, there are an enormous variety of goods. 



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In the food area, you can find things like jokbal (pigs feet) and sundae (blood sausage). The market specialty is really the delicious bindaetteok (pancake). Bindaetteok is thick crispy pancakes made with different ingredients (variations of vegetables, meet or seafood).

There is also tteokbokki, a dish made with tteok (famous rice cake eaten in many different ways in Korea) and very spicy sauce.




It is very common to go there for snacks and drinks. Especially the bindaetteok goes well with some soju, alcohol made of rice, wheat or barley,  and makgeolli, which is rice wine (both very traditional drinks around here).




Another very common snack around here are the mayak gimbap’s. Imagine a sushi roll but with different things inside. Mostly veggie things, sometimes added kimchee or seafood.

Of course, there are other options to be found and appreciated. Must go! Great experience, specially to warm you up in these cold nights.



Tip: You can combine your visit to Gwangjang Market to a walk along the Cheonggyeocheon Stream! They are quite close and easy to find from one another.

To get to the market, you stop at Jongno 5 (o) ga and get off at exit number 7, 9 or 11.


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