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Explore every corner of Seoul city on a bike ?

Either you are an active cyclist, or just simply want to explore Seoul city in a different way, Seoul offers you cheap bike rental in just every neighborhood. If you ever spotted any of these green bikes on the street, you would be happy to find out that you can easily use them with so cheap price even as a foreigner.


  1. How to get it?

There are around 800 stations of Seoul Smart Bike across Seoul and they are usually located near subway stations or bus stations. In order to buy the ticket, you will have to access the website or download the app Smart Seoul Bike (English app) or 따릉이 (Korean app which also has options in English). You can easily join the membership for free by log in with your Kakao talk or Facebook account. Also, non-membership and foreigner options are available. On the app, you can check the location of the nearest station and the number of bikes available at that station. You can purchase your ticket online by a click on your phone and pay with credit card or by phone payment. If you use the Smart Seoul Bike app, there are two options of tickets which are 1-hour ticket (1,000won) or 2-hour ticket (2,000won). Meanwhile, the Korean app 따릉이 offers one extra option for foreigner which is the all-day ticket with just 5,000won! It is such a reasonable price, right? After you bought your ticket, you can go to the nearest station and choose the number of available bikes, then enter the password you can set on the app to get it. The best thing about this is that you do not have to return your bike at the station you got it. Therefore, you can easily use the bike to commute to work, go on a quick sight-seeing and just drop it back at the nearest station and your legs feel tired.

  1. Where to bike?

Seoul city understands the needs of their citizens. Therefore, cycling routes and facilities are well built, especially along the symbolic Han river of Seoul. You can observe a totally different sides of Han river as riding along on cycling routes. Before starting cycling, I only know about Banpo bridge and Yeouido park as places for exercise and camping. But since I started to explore on the bike, all of the bridges on this beautiful river shine their lights in special ways. You can even bike across the bridge and enjoy the whole view at the middle of Han river. In order to find the biking routes, you can search for directions on Kakao map then choose the bike tab. So let’s go explore the river tonight! I am sure you will be surprised!

  1. Interesting tips

Personally, I like to record my cycling routine and look back at them every day. There are apps that you can use to track your workout such as Map-My Run. The more interesting thing is that you can transfer your workout/cycling records into live videos with the app named Relive. By watching your videos, you can share your journey with everyone or keep them for yourself as tracking materials. Making your cycling more interesting this way will create motivation for everyday exercise routine and maintain your biking hobby.


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