Korea Folk Village: Experience old history humorously

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Yong-in, Gyeonggi province, taking bus 30 minutes from Seoul, you can get to Korean Folk Village. This is space which escapes from hustle and modern Korean society and find traces of simple and old history.

Korean Folk Village provides time to experience old Korea, especially, Joseon Dynasty peacefully. In a way, history and tradition sound boring, but Korea Folk Village is where you can experience history lively and humorously.





The Joseon period village in KFV is composed of real houses relocated and reconstructed from different parts of the country. Also, it presents national culture through four season based on thorough historical verification and consultation.



It presents experience-style outdoor exhibitions, craft in daily life.



-Farmer’s Music and Dance



Farmer’s Music and Dance is KFV’s leading performance depicting the national people’s spirit and joy. With exciting sounds of traditional instruments, you can actively engaged in the performance.

-Acrobatics on a Tightrope walking



Acrobatics on a Tightrope walking is a performance that demonstrates skill and boasts a witty talk on the shaky tightrope. It’s unique performance in which the spectators can enjoy the thrilling stunt by Mr. Hong Ki-cheol, the country’s first maestro tightrope walker.


Ongoing event “Welcome to Joseon”

From 2015.04.04 to 2015.06.07, KFV holds “Welcome to Josen” event. During that period, you can come across 12 Joseon people with full individuality, walking around KFV.




Healing time in Nature

As KFV boasts a great location ‘facing water and back grounded by mountains’, you can spend relaxing time in nature given environment.



Looking at the sunset, you can heal tired body and mind.

*You can get information on location and price, etc at http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr (English, Chinese, Japanese available)


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