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Buy tickets, hospitality packages and accommodations for the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix online with Grand Prix Tours. The Switch 1 Grandstand runs along the outside of the primary right, and the admittance to Sheares Corner, Switch 1. This really is a large left-hander, and one of the circuit’s main ruling spots, so you can end up being at the cardiovascular of the action. Additionally, you will enjoy a monaco formula 1 track all the way up to the get out of of the specialized, gradual left-hander at Switch two. This is a great place to enjoy the amazing handling ability of a modern F1 car, as they sweep through this sector, changing path three times in the blink of an attention. Higher chairs will also appreciate a watch of the main straight, and this is a good place to watch the adrenalin of the pre-race grid preparations and the dramatic race start. You will also possess a definite view of the pit lane exit, making this is an superb place to follow the development of pit strategies and see who comes out in front. This ticket provides access to Areas 1, 2, 3 and 4.

During the inaugural event in 2008, the track received criticism from drivers who also complained about the too much rough surface, potentially dangerous pit entry, and high curbs. Whilst these issues were sorted out, it was not until prior to the 2013 race that the FIA authorized some larger changes to the configuration of the Marina Bay circuit. The Singapore Sling” chicane at turn 10 was eliminated and replaced with a simpler, faster left-hand change. Further minor changes to the layout of the track from turns 11 to 13 were made in front of the race in 2015, generally to improve ruling opportunities. The existing layout of the circuit is definitely pictured opposite. Approximately 1600 modified floodlights are spread throughout the 5. 075km Marina Gulf circuit. The lighting, 4 times brighter than in a regular sports activities stadium, are specially designed to minimize glare and surface reflection, and to fulfill F1’s TV broadcasting requirements.

Choose from a Hotel Only choice or our 4 Night time Grand Prix breaks including a return flight to Singapore and return airport terminal exchanges. The Formula One Singapore Grand Prix was the inaugural F1 night race back in 2008, and has since been an annual event that car enthusiasts from all over the world look forward to watching in the month of September. Other than watching the racing drivers flaunt the latest technology on the tracks, another highlight of the night race is the illuminated Singapore skyline, which photography fanatics will not want to miss. Located in Turn seventeen — Turn 18, vistors in the Bay Grandstand will certainly hear the roar underneath their feet because the cars race past the attractive waterfront stretch and travel underneath the Gulf Grandstand, a signature feature of the Singapore signal. A videowall is usually reverse the stand. This solution provides access to Zones 3 and 4.

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