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Shop all night at Dongdaemun Night Market

Seoul has plenty of shopping locations, such as Myeongdong, Ehwa University, Gangnam and Hongdae. But the most well-known is Dongdaemun night market, which is packed with wholesale malls, retail malls and street stalls. Not only is the selection very big, they stay open until dawn so you can literally shop until you drop.


You will never run out of shops to visit, as the Dongdaemun area has a whopping 30,000 shops. Though the wholesale district will mostly only sell clothes in large quantities, but just seeing still makes for a good shopping experience. Most shops in the wholesale district opens at 9:00 PM, and will close again at 5:00 am or 6:00 am.


The street stalls which lines the streets of Dongdaemun, will sell a variety of clothes and accessories. Though many of them are imitations of designer items, but they will be very cheap. The street stalls will begin to open around 9:00 PM and they will stay open until dawn. It’s a great place to try out your bargaining skills, even without speaking Korean.


When you go to Dongdaemun History and Park station, and exit out of exit no. 14. You will arrive the fashion mall district, where you will find various fashion malls such as Hello aPM, Migliore and Doota. Each mall has at least 10 floors, and has hundreds of small shops. Although this can easily seem overwhelming, each floor is categorized in different fashion items that is sold on that floor. Here you will find fashion items made by young Korean designers, at good prices, but you can bargain them even lower than they already are. The atmosphere at night is filled with music and performances, from young Korean’s trying out their singing and dancing on the stages outside of the fashion malls.


With Dongdaemun being such a big area filled with thousands of shops, it’s easily to get lost. So to find your way around the easiest, you can visit the Dongdaemun Market Tourist Information Center located behind the Migliore fashion mall. Or you can visit the Dongdaemun Market Information Center, which is located on the 4th floor of the U:US shopping center.



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