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Tag: culture

10 hotspots for fans of the Hallyu Wave

This article is for fans of the Hallyu Wave. I am going to explain why these spots are a must

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Yeongam Wangin Culture Festival 2016

This festival will run from 04.07.2016 ~ 04.10.2016, that’s only four days but it is worth your time if you

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King Munmu’s Underwater Tomb

The Koreans have always worried about invasion from their nearby neighbours, even to the extent that when King Munmu died, he requested

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Hongdae FREE MARKET : Art, culture and music

Hongdae FREE MARKET   This “Free Market” is a mix of art, culture, crafts, music and all kind of handmade

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Insadong and Ssamziegil Complex

Insadong and Ssamziegil Complex     Insadong is a very traditional neighborhood, full of tea houses, art galleries, souvenir shops, ceramics,

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