Top 5 places worth going to in Incheon

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Have you ever wondered where other places you can visit in Incheon are except for the airport? Before actually visiting there, I’ve never thought that I can actually spent my whole day just walking around the town, and I remember telling my friend that Incheon has nothing much to see, but I was so wrong! Here are some attractions which I think it’s very worth spending your time there, and I bet you will never regret sparing one or two days of your trip for Incheon.

1. Chinatown

Incheon is the only place in Korea that has a Chinatown and it’s really huge. There are tons of restaurants and most of the food is really good. The famous black noodles, Jjajangmyeon can be easily found here and there’s even a White Jjajangmyeon which is literally a white version of the “black noodles”. Skewered lamb can also be found in many of the restaurants here and they are really cheap at 1,000 won ($1) per stick. Feast your way through this foodie heaven!

2. Muuido

Hanagae Beach and Silmi Beach are the two famous beaches in Muuido Island. One interesting thing about Silmi Beach is that you can walk to Silmido Island at low tide. While at Hanagae Island, you can hike up to Mt. Horyonggoksan and Guksabong Peak.

3. Sorae Pogu Fish Market

If you love seafood, this is the place you should visit. Ranging from prawns to fishes to shell fishes, you can find many varieties of seafood here without any difficulty! Just prepare enough cash to fill your stomach with all kinds of fresh and delicious seafood.

4. Bupyeong Underground Shopping Centre

Just like the one in Express Terminal in Seoul, there’s also an underground shopping centre where you can find really cheap stuff ranging from shirts to shoes to dresses! What makes a difference between the two is the size of the shopping centre, Bupyeong is much more larger than the one in Seoul!

5. Bonita Di Cafe


Okay, Bonita Di Cafe is not actually in Incheon itself, but it’s located very nearby in Bucheon. Dog and cat cafes are too lame nowadays since they are almost everywhere in Seoul. So, get out of Seoul and take a trip to this Raccoon cafe! The raccoon are well fed (actually kinda fat) and they roam around the cafe waiting to be fed by the customers. Bring your camera here and see if you manage to take a selfie with the cute fellas!

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