‘Twigim Soboro’ bread at Daejeon’s Sungsimdang

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Daejeon’s Sungsimdang is one of the most popular bakeries in Korea.

Sungsimdang was founded in 1956 and has been a signature store in Daejeon for nearly 60 years.

Due to its limited local three stores, tourist from all over the nation have flocked to Daejeon province.









The bakery’s signature items is “Twigim Soboro” or fried streusel bread, which boasts a sweet, red bean pastes filling encased in a crispy, cookie-crumble bun.While red  bean buns have been a popular snack in Korea since the early 1900s, Sungsimdang came up with the idea to fry them in oil.

According to review, “Twigim Soboro” is deliciously warm, soft and crunchy all at once. Also, though a bit of oily due to the frying, it is definitely richer than average red bean bun.





Another best-selling item is the “Pantalon Boochu” bread, featuring an unusual combination of chopped Korean chives, eggs and tofu inside a pillowy bun. And the menu has become a favorite among both the elderly and the young.


More info:

-Main store-

Address:145, Eunhaeng-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon

Tel:+82-42-256-4114 (Korean)

Hours:08:00-21:00Open year round

Website:http://www.sungsimdang.co.kr (Korean)




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