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Find YaKorea Hostel Hongdae By Subway

  1. Take the regular AREX will take you to ‘HongIk University’ station directly
  2. Upon arrival at ‘HongIk University’ station, look for Exit 4.
  3. Come out of Exit 4.
  4. Walk toward BLANC(Bakery&Cafe) and walk pass BLANC(Bakery&Cafe) and Cafe Bene
  5. Keep walking straight until you see ‘LOTTERIA’ on the other side of the street.
  6. Cross the crosswalk towards ‘LOTTERIA’ and continue walking straight into smaller street by the ‘LOTTERIA’
  7. At the First intersection, make right.
  8. As you pass Cafe Raon, there is a small alleyway to your left. Just keep walking down it.
  9. You are arrived at YaKorea Hostel Hongdae. Welcome!


Find YaKorea Hostel Hongdae By Airport Limousine Bus

  1. Exit door # 5 or # 12 on the 1st floor at the airport
  2. You will see the sign ‘ 5B ‘ or ‘ 12B ‘
  3. Take the Airpo