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Find YaKorea Hostel ITAEWON By Subway

  1. At Incheon International Airport, take the ALL-STOP Airport Express Railroad (AREX) heading towards Gongdeok Station.
  2. At Gongdeok Station, transfer to Line 6 of the Seoul Subway heading towards Samgakji Station.
  3. At Samgakji Station exit the station via exit #14
  4. From Exit #14 walk straight towards the Woori Bank, and make a left once at the bank.
  5. Walk down the street until reaching the GS25 convenience store.
  6. Make a left at the GS25 convenience store, and continue walking down until you reach Dream Depot
  7. With Dream Depot to your left make a right down the alleyway, and you will see YaKorea Hostel Itaewon!


Find YaKorea Hostel Itaewon By Airport Limousine Bus

  1. At Incheon International Airport, take